Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gasoline Prices

after hearing the news on ABS-CBN's TV Patrol, they announced the the big 3 and other independent oil companies had increased the gasoline and diesel prices from P.50 to P1.

once again, these companies are starting to play on the gas prices which would prey on local motorists like me. i have been observing the trends on oil prices, and their styles just kept on fluctuating. there are times wherein these companies would decide on a roll back, but a week or so, the prices would hike up 2 or 3 times the amount of the roll back.

both my parents are living at the middle east as of the moment, and as much as possible, i try to keep myself up-to-date on the prices of the gasoline. they would tell me that the prices of the gasoline in the world market is going down, but how come the prices of gasoline is going up? do these people have sense of pity on us motorists? with the global crisis, it's already questionable why these prices are going up.

just recently, i had also heard from the news that these companies are planning to hike up the prices of gasoline by P2 and diesel P3 by the weekend. WHAT THE F*&#????? do these people have sense of empathy on us motorist???? we should do something about this! for sure the government is calling up a conference once again for the questionable price hike, but after the conference, it's still all the same. nothing would ever change and these companies would just abuse their power and play with the oil prices.

we filipinos can do something about this. we just can't depend on the government with every problem our country is going through. it's just a matter of who are going to step up for us and fight for what is fair!


okay, i admit, i haven't really followed my new years resolution stating that i will keep my blog updated most of the time, but what can i do??? i've been very busy lately..

a lot has happened within the course of two months.. i've been tied up with my digital electronics project, entertaining my best-friend's aunt, trying my best to get d's attention(well it really did come true!) and a lot more...

i'm so sad that d has already graduated(sniff, sniff) but at least he won't forget me!!! after i help him pass one of our subjects!!! nyahahaha..

yesterday has been one of my best days.. even if only a few of us showed up... we had tons of fun at "Tubod Flowing waters" (good thing a bought this cam case which can be used underwater.. ). we kept jumping in and out of the pool trying to get the best shot we could and we finally nailed it! Yey! i forgot to invite d cause i've been thinking on a lot of stuffs and when i finally texted him, it was almost dark.. huhu (^%#* i hate myself!) but at least we still had fun!

to cram and crisjay: WHERE ARE OUR PICTURES????

i finally just finished modifying my net book! yep, i got a netbook already! (whohoo now i can surf the net without bugging my bro and my boyfriend... nyayaya) its an acer aspireone zg5 model.. i just love it. it came with a 160 GB hardrive and ohw just find the specs on the net! i changed my visual styles, my log on screens and a couple of this and thats.. haha now i just want to let go of it!!! (figuratively. sigh)

hmmm... what else can i say??? oh yeah, i've decided not to think of this as a blog anymore but as a diary... i just wish i can still keep up updating most of the time.. nyahaha...

so, till next time...

and oh, last sunday, with a very unexpected twist, me and my classmates of my rizal class decided that we would hang out at the beach, but it didn't pull through because only 4 of us showed up. just as i got home, within the hour, my friends told us(me and my bf) to go to tom's place because they were at the beach so we went here. i decided to bring my cousin along coz i know that mickey will be around.. while we were there, mickey decided that we could go to mt. view and so some of us agreed to and even my cousin yen2 came along... just wait for my next post to know what happened...

Friday, January 2, 2009



not being able to write a blog for hmmmm.... a couple of weeks maybe, i've decided that one of my "new year's resolution" would be to keep on updating my blog... (naks sip-sip).. hehehe... but at least i can do something with my spare time.. plus i've done something at our house so i can surf the net anywhere..

2008 was a blast. though i had some shares on headaches and heartaches but at least i survived most of my problems(exept for my digital! YIKES!)... i had a couple of last minute trips(most were at bohol)... i lost someone who was dear to me(my lola)... and most of all, i gained a new lover..(my honey Glendhel)...

i wish this year would be so lucky for me... i would become successful and face my problems without any recourse.

pls do check this site! this is something that will make you hate people in the govt!. http://vicissitude-decidido.blogspot.com/2008/12/world-is-fucked-up.html

my last minute trip at bohol with my hubby...